Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Like Honey from the Rock

Did I mention I work on several different things at once? This is another piece I'm working on at present. It's a collage of rock and mineral photographs I took at Broken Hill, the mining town where I grew up, when I was there in 2005. I was also inspired by seeing several of Antonia Valentine's pieces, including her work in Refabricating Difference, to resume playing with printed images. Thanks Toni!

Dimensions 16in x 22in

I envisage a collage of rock photos, with the mineral overlaid, as if they are oozing from the rock. The yellow colour is the unifying element, while the positioning of the overlays follows the shapes of the rocks. The individual elements of the background will be printed onto prepared muslin and pieced together. I have the images ready to print and the fabric sheets prepared for printing - just need to wait until this reaches the top of the list again. Then I can start to stitch!


Dianne said...

This piece is ganna be exciting, I love rocks, tittle is cool....

Nola said...

The rocks are brilliant, aren't they? I knew I needed to photograph them as soon as I saw them. That brilliant yellow in the cracks is natural, I assume from some type of sulphite.