Sunday, 22 April 2007

Where You Live

What's this? It's a mud map! Mud maps are traditionally what you draw in the dirt with a stick, when you're explaining to someone how to get somewhere. I'm not sure if this is a uniquely Australian phenomenon! By extension, they are also all those maps scrawled on the back of an envelope, a visual representation of "turn left at the blue house, go past the wiggly bend..." kind of instructions.

I love mud maps and I've used them before in artwork. They are a way of owning the scenery, the way to significant places, the way home. I made this mud map today, based on aerial photos and more traditional maps, as part of Where You Live. It shows the promontory of the area where I live, thrusting out into the surrounding bush.

Usually, I overlay mud maps over other images, but this time, the mud map is going to be the starting place. I've drawn it onto fabric with masking medium, using a fine pen, and when I get a moment, I'll start to paint.


Dianne said...

Oh I love this idea, I'm really interested in arial views, how the lay of the land is.. I love google earth.. I think over here they drew maps in the dirt in the settler days...

Tonniece said...

Cool idea. can't wait to see the end result.