Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Where You Live

I also painted my mud map in today's painting session. The shape of the mud map was based on aerial photos from sites like FlashEarth and street directories, as I wanted to give an impression of my little suburb-within-a suburb, surrounded by the bush. I painted the ovals and some elements with flat paint, but I painted the bush and some of the urban areas with Setacolor expandable paint mixed into the paint. I plan to puff the paint once I have finished stitching, so hopefully it will look as three-dimensional and lush as it does in aerial photographs. I think I may need to paint it a little more yet, to create a denser cover in my village. I also haven't decided yet whether to stitch or paint the silver line of the motorway.


Glen said...

Love the perspective of the aerial work" Where You Live" and find the blog very imaginative and creative. Look forward to seeing future projects and a great way for me to view your work and updates given the miles between us. Also love the title Inch by Inch Textiles!

Wonderful!So much creativity in the family.

Nola said...

Glad you like it, sis! Now when do we get to see your stuff?