Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Paint Rags - Flowerpot

I've had two very productive days, but sadly, none of it was making art! I'm very hopeful of getting into the workroom for some productive time tomorrow. It's Anzac Day, a public holiday here in Australia, when we honour those who have fallen in war. The returned soldiers will march in the city, and afterwards probably get drunk and play two-up. It's the only day in the year when this gambling game is permitted.

Since I have no progress to show on current works, I thought I'd share one of my paint rags. A couple of years ago, I realised that the rags I use to clean up after painting were often as interesting as the fabric I was painting. So I started using better quality fabric, first homespun and now quilter's muslin, for the cleanup and to use up leftover paint. I now have a collection of very interesting painted fabrics to use as a basis for stitch.

This one will probably be worked on first. The splodges of colour reminded me of flowers, so the last time I painted, I used up leftover paint to add shadows on what will be a pot, and to add a random brickwork pattern behind the shapes. I have no plans to work on this any time soon, though!


rooruu said...

I am enjoying following your creative explorations - what an excellent idea to start a blog!

Nola said...

Just following your lead!