Monday, 30 April 2007

Where You Live

I finished this challenge piece today, though it turned out to be more of a technical challenge than I expected! It's called It Takes a Village, a reference to the allegedly African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child," on which Hillary Clinton has based the title of her book. This village in the middle of the city has helped me raise my two kids and provided a safe and loving environment for them to grow up in. (That's not the case for so many of the world's children.)

The background is a painted representation of this village-in-the-city, with a stitched overlay of the front of my house. I painted the surrounding bush with dimensional additive in the paint, but the additive may have been a little elderly. It certainly didn't behave the way it did last time. The result this time was rather spotty, like a bad case of acne! I also didn't have any soluble paper to use as the basis for the house image, so I printed onto ordinary paper, something I've done before many times. It worked fine to transfer the stitch, but that dimensional paint just grabbed hold of it and wouldn't let go! I thought I might have to toss the whole thing, but persistence with the tweezers and unpicking and redoing some of the stitching in the worst affected areas did the trick. It's not quite what I imagined but it's finished and I don't actually hate it.

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Tonniece said...

Turned out super and after all that work with the paper too. Nice job