Thursday, 19 April 2007

Where You live

Today I had a little time to work on a play piece. I belong to a net list called Like Minded Threads*, which runs monthly challenges. The textile theme this month is
"Where I live". I've worked with this theme before, and I know that, when you live in the suburbs of Australia's largest city, it's hard to make it sound interesting or express what it is that makes your place special!

There are quite a few things I love about where I live. One is Sydney's mild climate, which most of the year is just perfect for all the things I love to do. But, of course, that applies to most of the Sydney basin. Where I live is close enough to the city for easy access, but far enough away that the blocks are still mostly 1/4 acre (0.1 hectare) with gardens and lots of trees. But most of all, where I live is surrounded on three sides by national park and on the fourth by a deep set and part-tunnel motorway. There's just one access road in. So we have this village community, about 5000 people at the last census, isolated in the middle of the city. There's one school, a set of shops (including Italian and Indian restaurants and two coffee shops), a church, playing fields, tennis courts, several playgrounds, a little retirement village, a bowling club where you can get a quiet drink in the evening and, until recently, a cottage hospital just over the drawbridge. (OK, I'm joking about the drawbridge!) Just about everything you'd need in life, assuming someone will deliver the art supplies. Hmm, perhaps we need a fabric shop?

You'd have to admit that's a lot to fit into a little textile work that I need to make in just under two weeks! But I have a cunning plan....
* Like Minded Threads has changed its name to Like Minded Artist


Dianne said...

I'm not surprised you have a plan woman LOL, The village sounds really beautiful to me, I'll have to take and post some pics of steele town.. You've got my interest peaked now, can't wait...

Tonniece said...

HGi Nola

It sounds so beautiful there, and all that mild temp. sounds like heaven to me as I hate the cold and snow of our winters here.
I must say you have my interest peakes also as to your plan. Can't wait to see just what it is.

Have a great day

Nola said...

I love it, because I don't do cold either, Tonniece! Of course, February is hot and humid, but name me somewhere in the world that's nice in February (maybe I'll visit there next February!)