Monday, 16 April 2007

Valley Mist

As I mentioned, I work very slowly. One reason for that is that I work on several different pieces at once. Some go nowhere, get flung aside, resurrected later... If you're looking for a linear process, this is not the place to be! Another reason is that I often paint fabric before I stitch it. Inevitably, time passes in waiting for paint or masking medium to dry.

One project I am working on fairly consistently at present is inspired by a photo of mist rising from a series of valleys. It's a painted piece, which will have stitch added later on. So far it looks like this:

I applied Setacolor masking medium with a cheap sponge onto off-white quilter's muslin. When that was dry, I wet the whole surface and painted a wash of runny Setacolour transparent paints over everything.

Now I've masked the light areas again, this time using a folded piece of cardboard as the applicator, to give fairly solid coverage. When I get a chunk of time, I'll paint in some medium values. The masked areas should stay light, but painting fabric is never entirely predictable!


Dianne said...

This looks misty already, I'll keep coming back no matter how, long it takes.. I'm really glad you got a blog.....:):):):):):)

Lisa Walton said...

Great start - look forward to watching it grow

Jenny said...

Welcome to the blog world! Can't wait to see what this turns into.

keryn said...

A blog is going to make life easier for you, it's such an easy reference, for all the people who need to see what you're up to lately. And we'll enjoy seeing things take shape, no matter how slowly.

Debbi B said...

Hi Nola

I am relatively new to keeping a blog too but I have already found it wonderful for both keeping me productive and for connecting more personally than I do via the yahoo world (my shortcomings not yahoos!). Your approach to your creative world sounds wonderful to me and I will be checking in regularly. All the best and I love the look of the misty valleys so far - very evocative. Debbi Bi

Toni said...

Great start Nola, will be interested to follow your blogging career. Am also tempted but not just yet.