Sunday, 22 April 2007

Rites of Passage

Yes, it's another piece I'm working on! This one has a longer lead-time, so it's been percolating along in the background. One of my "land" groups, ATASDA, has a stand at the Quilt and Craft Fairs and this year, we have been asked to make 6in-square artworks on the theme of Rites of Passage. Big theme, little space! The pieces will be displayed on the stand and then perhaps travel as one of our travelling suitcase exhibitions out in the country.

I decided that, rather than focus on more generic rites of passage, I'd focus on specific things that changed my life or sent me off on a different path. I think there might be several works in this theme. One very significant experience was living in Western Samoa for two years in the early eighties. It was my first time outside Australia, first time on a plane, first time experiencing other cultures. As well as the local Samoans, we met and made friends with people from all over the world. For a young woman from an isolated country town, it was an incredibly broadening experience!

From our three volumes of photographs, I chose three that seemed especially typical of what we saw and did. Two turned out to be unsuitable, leaving just one image to play with. (I am always better when not provided with too much choice!) Today I began playing around with the image, to see where it takes me.


Dianne said...

It certainly looks like a lovley place it will be interesting to see you 6in piece.. I can relate, when I was 50 was the first time I traveled to another country and it really changes you. I look at the things with new eyes now...

Elmsley Rose said...

Dear Nola,

Thankyou so much for the lovely comments in my blog.

Your work looks great as well - tho I don't know anything about fabric art *grin*

I took the Calligraphy and Illumination up after I got sick. It keeps me sane. Creation is a good thing