Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Valley Mist

I finally found a chunk of time to paint this afternoon. Painting is always a challenge for me because it needs significant uninterrupted time that coincides with my energy levels. The stars were finally in alignment today!

First task was painting the next stage of this misty valleys piece, which has been sitting, masked for painting, for over a week. It's still a bit hard to show where it's going, but I am very excited about progress so far.

You'll remember I painted masking medium over the light bits that I wanted to stay light? I also drew in some guidelines with white chalk pencil, because sometimes when you're painting, it's hard to work out where you meant to paint! I found the chalk pencil seemed to be acting as a resist too, so that might be interesting when it all comes out. Perhaps I'll have unexpected white lines!

Basically, this time I painted between the lines, varying the amount of paint and water so that the coverage is uneven. I had the nasty experience of getting a piece too wet and causing the Setacolor resist to get sloppy, so I am careful not to let things get too wet now.

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Riverina Leadlight & Fine Art said...

I rather love the Where I Live 4- has a sense of charm about it despite the comments about unusual happenings. has an abstract feel about it. I think the fun thing with art is that the unpredictable can end up wonderful pieces.